Alleah Friedrichs – Life Coach

I am Alleah

I am a great example of someone who had achieved success but still had not found fulfillment. After earning my MBA and having a high profile job in San Francisco I really had “no reason to complain”. But I wasn’t happy. After a while, those negative thoughts and a gradually building habit of looking at negative aspects of my life took over. Fortunately, I stumbled on the teachings of the Law of Attraction. After a few years of patient study and work, I totally transformed my life. If I had known about having a life coach, then my journey down this path would have been much faster.

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In 2013 I quit my job and started a successful wine importing company where I get to travel around the world and enjoy wonderful people, food and wine. This business was my first big “Law of Attraction” experiment. In 2016 I formally trained under the world renowned Robbins-Madanes Training life coaching school. Almost immediately, Law of Attraction brought me many coaching clients. It’s an absolute pleasure for me to help transform lives which is very fulfilling to me.

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The more people who learn how to direct the flow of their live and their feeling then the more joyous and inspiring people will be on this planet. I relish in my ability to help person by person get and stay on this path. There is no shortage of positivity or abundance in the world. There is only lack of knowledge on obtaining it.


It’s not too much to ask for a life of happiness, ease, abundance and love. It’s fun to feel growth and process. it’s fun to push boundaries. it’s fun achieve what you want. Just because life has been tough or you’ve been in a rut doesn’t mean you can’t do 180 degree turn and live a life that is idealistic. You see others achieving this, why not you? Are you okay with living the rest of your life feeling the way you feel now? If the answer is “no” then you need to do something about it. If you’re not sure what, that is how I help you. You only get what you settle for. So don’t settle for less than you want or you’ll have regrets. Realize your future can be any way you want it.