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My First Encounter with Law of Attraction (LOA)

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Back in 2011 I hadn’t yet learned of the Law of Attraction. Well, sort of. I certainly had seen The Secret and I certainly agreed that this is how the world worked. I certainly knew that my confidence helped me attract and land opportunities and that was because of energy. However there is a very very big difference between that level of understanding and really knowing the term Law of Attraction and taking time to learn how it really works.

I found myself in a job where I had a high level of stress. I was working at a start up in San Francisco and I took my job way too seriously. I knew it was bad when on multiple occasions I would feel the building shake and would think there was an earthquake. Everyone would look at me oddly obviously thinking I needed to relax.

It was around this time when I really learned of Law of Attraction and realized that I needed to really study this. Just because I sort of knew of its existence and believed that is how the world worked, didn’t mean I lived that way. Conceptually understanding and how we make choices and see ourselves are two totally different ballgames. I had no idea what else to do to help myself and so I was all in. I started watching Abraham Hicks videos for hours each day.

A bit of time had gone by during this initial process and I had taken on even more responsibility at work and was traveling a lot as well. While studying LOA I became aware that the recurring complaints in my mind were emitting an energy that kept me in this holding patters. Some of these thoughts that took over my mind were “I don’t like this”, “I don’t want to go”, “This seems like a waste” and “I just don’t want to do this”. These thoughts were on a rotating schedule all day long everyday. I thought I was just powering-though doing my job. However, without realizing this was my dominant vibration and doing something about it, I would never escape.

I learned that I needed to escape these thought patterns. The technique is to switch the thoughts to better feeling ones that would in essence attract better things. The really lucky thing is that when you switch the thoughts, you don’t actually need to stay on subject. Meaning, I didn’t need to convince myself that I did like my job or my situation. I just needed to stop thinking the limiting beliefs. However, you can’t really stop anything. When you try to stop something you give your vibrational attention to it and continue to be aware of it and therefore keep it activated. The only way to stop something is to start something else that takes its place. So the process was to create a list of 5-10 incredible positive memories that no matter my crappy mood, would make me smile. From there, the process is to catch yourself in the limiting belief and take out the list and choose one thing and practice feeling good.

Thoughts are basically neurotransmitters in the brain. Thoughts we think all the time have nice wide pathways in the brain because the neurotransmitters “go down that path” all the time. New thoughts aren’t as easy because those paths are still tiny and not easy to walk down. The only way out of it is to walk down the new thought paths so much that they are just as easy, if not easier, to walk down than the old limiting beliefs and thoughts.

The magic is to simply change your energy from the negativity to “not liking” to “enjoying”. The universe that responds to this energy doesn’t really know if your feelings or beliefs are based in the past, present or future. It just responds to what is right now. And right now, you either feel crappy or good. It’s like you need to tip the scale. If you thought a negative thought 100 times in a day and no positive thoughts, then the scale is tipped and life probably isn’t easy right now. Start adding in positive energy that you intentionally create and as soon as you get to 51 positive thoughts and 49 negative ones, you start tipping the scale in another direction and will start to immediately see things in your life change. You’ll actually start to see changes immediately.

So I took this incredibly serious and got to work. I made my list of 10 amazing memories including a cute picture of my bother and myself when little, my favorite spot on my favorite bike ride, an epic day at the beach and lots more.

I set off to catching myself thinking the old beliefs. This is where it gets funny. On day 1, I probably only caught myself 1 time. In the first week I might catch myself once every few days. Then after a week or so I was able to catch myself about once per day. Then I got to twice or three times per day. And within a month or two, I’m not joking, I was catching myself 10-20 times per day. Law of attraction at this point is helping me catch myself and EACH time I took out my phone, chose a good feeling thought and practiced the good feeling of it for 10-30 seconds. It got to the point where I would be recognizing my old thoughts all day long and I was able to have the material I needed to change them.

The magic really started here. There was a nice slow unfolding of a clear path I needed to take. A path that included leaving that job and starting something new. But since this clarity was manifested from practicing good feeling thoughts, there wasn’t negativity in thinking harshly “I need to leave my job!” It just became and obvious good feeling path. Over the next 12 months I was able to peacefully leave that job, go traveling with my partner and start a new business. All sorts of amazing things have manifested past that 12 months all the way up to today where my path still continues to unfold and evolve.

All I know is that I can promise you that without deliberately changing my energy I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today. I probably would have gotten so fed up that I would have quit and ended up in another job that energetically felt the same to the frustration at the older job.

At the end of the day you need to craft the energy that matches the life you want. You can’t wait for the life you want to come give you the energy you need. This can be done on your own, but having a coach can drastically speed up this process.

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