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Feeling Stuck in Life

I often sit down with people and they can’t quite tell me what’s wrong. They have a general feeling that they aren’t performing at the level they could… or used to. They remember when they were young and starting their careers and had an energy and vibrancy that brought them great success. Over time they think they have become complacent and are now “stuck” and would love to feel the way they used to. Or they feel stuck in the monotony of everyday life and feel stuck because they aren’t efficient with their time or are always procrastinating. These are just two ways that generally “feeling stuck” show up.

I don’t see these situations as people literally being stuck. They are examples of thought patterns – how one is so practiced it seems like truth and reality. I have sat down with many people who are actually efficient and very successful, but they have been practicing the opposite belief for so long that they don’t even see it. Or, maybe you’re not satisfied because you just can’t seem to get to that next level.

Thoughts are neurotransmitters in the brain and these little guys travel up and down pathways in the brain. If a thought is practiced enough, the pathway becomes very strong. Think of a heavily trafficked walking path… it’s flat, wide and so easy to walk down. This is similar to how the brain works. You have a thought and that thought goes down the wide and easy path, which is a practiced thought pattern.

If you want to have a new thought or belief, you need to bushwhack a new path. If you are on the walking path, you’ll need a machete to cut down the trees, rip up the roots, and flatten the path. However, over time and with foot traffic, the path can be just as easy to walk down. That’s the same in the brain. To experience a different reality than one does now, they need to create new beneficial thoughts and beliefs and need to practice them to create new brain pathways. It’s not easy at first, but with applying the right process and practice the new believe can be just as natural as the old one.

When one is feeling stuck, we breakdown everything that is going on in the brain that is contributing to the feeling. As we work through building new pathways and practicing them we shift the way we feel. When we are able to shift how we feel, our universes start shifting, allowing in the movement that makes us feel whole.

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