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Specific Issues

Sometimes you know exactly what you want but are unsure how to proceed or the task seems so daunting. You need to know that nothing is impossible. It’s good to start off by acknowledging that if there is something you want and don’t have, then you don’t have it because you are more energetically aligned with not-having it. This might seem obvious. However, it turns the task from thinking you need to be smart or work hard into realizing you need to energetically align with the having of it. I’ll outline some common issues people have the desire to fix or work on.

Improving your relationship

You might find yourself in a relationship and it’s just not as good as it used to be. Maybe the passion is gone, maybe life turned transactional, maybe your partner and you developed unkind ways of talking with each other. However, maybe you feel tied to the person because of children, a business, or your love for them. It is so easy to outline how the relationship is different and also how your partner is different from how they used to be. It really can seem like the entire solution to your relationship problem is by your partner changing his/her behavior. And sometimes, yes partners need to change their behavior. However, acknowledging how they are can energetically hold them in the current way they are acting. In addition, it’s easy to glance over how we have also changed and are contributing to the relationship.

We start here by fully digesting what you don’t like and don’t want that is current in your relationship. The next step is defining the opposite of that. This includes things like behaviors and habits, but it also includes feelings. How do you feel now? How do you want to feel? Transforming a relationship starts with transforming the way you see and operate in the relationship. Yes, I’m sorry the solution is not your partner changing everything. However, as you practice what I teach you I know you will end up being surprised and amazed at how your partner will start to change and how you will be in control of how you feel.

Getting over a breakup

I love seeing the transformation people go through while getting over a breakup. Often, breakups are so difficult that in order to grasp what happened, you recount the details and facts on who did what over and over again to those around you. We try to have our family and friends truly understand what happened. Often people are at ground zero at the end of a long breakup and are so deep in a hole of depression that it’s hard to see any path forward. In these cases, we start by validating your feelings because they are real and they are yours. We then start by finding small ways to feel better and slowly create a new future applying the best and most effective law of attraction processes.

Work / Entrepreneurship

People come to me who are, at their heart, entrepreneurial or very driven to succeed.  But, then they have things holding them back like a habit of procrastination, being overwhelFmed, not being efficient with time or being more in tune with what is holding them back versus what is working well. Sometimes this is because of habit of thought. (See Feeling Stuck) They have practiced telling themselves and others how they are. I procrastinate. I want a business but I don’t know what I want. I’m too busy. I can’t focus. Next thing you know they are manifesting more and more proof of these dictations. We often start by identifying these and quickly changing them before moving onto the meat of the work.

Often, you are trying to figure out what to do from a place of frustration, which will only get you more frustration. The key here is learning how to elevate your vibration and conduct strategy sessions from this high place. Often people think that a successful entrepreneur is clever, connected or already wealthy. But the real magic is in knowing if a next step or move is coming from an inspired place or a place of worry. You need to learn how to refrain from thinking when your energy is poor and actually specifically not executing any idea that came from your thinking while not being in an emotionally high or strong place. It’s difficult to do this sort of self analysis by yourself. It’s not easy to see what you are doing when you are deep in your world. I’ll help you sort through what you are doing and teach you the processes you’ll use for the rest of your business career. You will feel so good to not have the pressure of being the most intelligent or connected person when you learn that alignment is the key to what you’re looking for.

Helping family and friends

Sometimes people have a friend or family member who is going through something difficult and they want to help. Often times when people try to help someone, they actually are not really helping them. The key to helping someone is to have, and maintain, a high and positive energy when you are around them. Many people get sucked into other’s negative energy. This is because they didn’t prepare their own energy in advance and then they spiral down as they are around the person they want to help. So then they offer other types of help like giving money, listening to their woes, picking up their kids, or something else to try to help even though they have been brought down themselves. As you look at your loved one and see their problem, you are not allowing them to live a life outside their problem. The course of action here is to learn to shift your perception, your story about them, and having stronger energy than they do. An energy full of love, positive expectation and seeing them perfectly on their path. When you are able to be in a perfect place of alignment, you can best trust your heart to tell you how to support them. I will help you re-define how you see your loved one and teach you how to strengthen your energy in order to best help them.

Dealing with difficult people

Sometimes a family member. Sometimes a business partner. Sometimes it’s the spouse of someone you love. Let’s not forget about co-workers or bosses too! You might be at the point of going crazy because you just don’t know what the best way to proceed is. You might be nervous about how they will react to whatever you do. You are nervous or angry and you are trying to figure out what to do. You may haven’t done anything, yet, because you are just not sure if you will create a bigger problem. Honestly, it’s probably a good thing if you haven’t done anything yet. Energetically speaking, if you are nervous then you should be nervous. What I’m saying is that how you feel today lays the bricks for the path you walk down tomorrow. So, if you are angry and you think a threatening letter will solve your problem, I guarantee you that it will bring more anger. You mustn’t do anything until you feel so good about the next step that you can’t not take action. If your next step is not a hell yes, then it is a hell no. So what do you do? I’ll teach you how to re-focus the situation to reflect what you truly want. I’ll teach you how to craft your message so it elicits the best out of others. When you take action out of a place that feels good, the result is more feeling good. This is a skill to be crafted.

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